Today I am excited to introduce Stock Gallery Photo Contributor Melanie Reyes of Melanie Reyes Photography.  Based out of Michigan, Melanie’s love of photography and travel combine to create some truly amazing photos that we are honored to have exclusively in the Stock Gallery.  Read on to learn more about Melanie…

In Melanie’s words…

Personally I’m a woman that loves life, loves people (my husband and kiddos first and foremost!) and can make lemonade out of any lemons. I’m an eternal optimist. My very favorite thing in the world after my loved ones is to travel and see the world. I love adventures, seeing new things, eating amazing food and seeing the world through those that really live and make a life there. I’m always up for a wonderful meal and a cup of coffee…or wine.

Traveling has been such a huge part of my life that it is how I met my husband (when I was 16 years old) in Mexico and how we re-met five years later in France and Italy. I spent many years traveling without the knowledge or skill of photography, over the last 11 years as a professional photographer I have been trying to make up for lost time – traveling and capturing amazing places.

When I’m home my primary work is photographing wedding days and life events. There’s nothing more thrilling than giving someone the gift of captured moments and memories from a life changing day in their life. I love capturing life and love.

Click here to view Melanie’s Paris Collection.